Lenovo Thinkpad X300 – For unrestricted mobility

It is ultra-flat. The Lenovo ThinkpadX300 offers the businessman compact Higtech.The entry price is around 2400 euros. Who wants to spend more, is welcome – the price scale for all sorts of additional upgrades is wide open to the top. For unrestricted mobility and internet everywhere provide an integrated UMTS modem, a 300-Mbit and 1-Gbit Wi-Fi, so you can stay on the road at any time via the worldwide web in connection with its business partners. Above the display webcam and microphone are attached, two integrated stereo speakers in the housing. Phone calls are via the Internet or communicate via video anytime, anywhere.
ThinkpadX300 – Relatively small and light

Great advantage is the ease of electronic aids is not here to load: At 1.6 pounds, something fits with a size greater than a DIN A4 sheet with 27 millimetres thin and the X300 easily carried around in your briefcase.

Lenovo ThinkpadX300 profile

This is a very robust housing made of carbon and glass fibre, i.e. materials that are usually more processed in the aviation and aerospace industry.

Battery life: from 3 to 5 hours

If you are traveling, obviously needs an acceptable term for use with rechargeable batteries. The six-cell battery desX300 ranges depending on usage intensity and brightness of the display three to five hours. Whom the power supply is not enough, the DVD drive can replace it with three extra batteries because the X300 also has an integrated DVD burner and three USB ports as data ports.

Lenovo is a 13.3-inch screen

Also the rest of the features can be seen: The screen is properly advised of 13.3 inches and a resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels, and the full-sized keyboard allows ergonomic thanks to its extent, writing e easy operation. The whole thing is controlled via the touchpad or the seated between G, H and B TrackPoint. Some like the red levers simultaneously, others find it unnecessary and distracting.

ThinkpadX300 equipped with SSD

Instead of a hard drive, there is a 64 GB Flash memory. In this technique, in the usual disk rotating magnetic memory disk is not necessary. Instead, so-called flash memory chips are used, which have mostly been built in MP3 players or digital cameras. ThinkpadX300 plugged in as a processor Core 2 Duo SL7100 processor it creates 1.2 gigahertz. Includes 2 GB of RAM. In test mode, the unit easily handles all tasks with its installed Windows Vista Business.