Subnotebook: A very small and extremely light laptop

A subnotebook is a very small and extremely light laptop: the tool for those for whom a PAD or smart phone on the way to work is not enough – and that simply is an adult “Schlepptop” too large and unwieldy.

Since most subnotebooks are designed for mobile use, the manufacturer is often mentioned in regards to mini-notebook devices with an internal modem for UMTS or HSDPA.

Screen size: from 8, 4 to 12 inches

Text Smaller than laptops and much larger and more powerful than a PAD or a pocket computer – the subnotebook is a compromise between optimum possible performance with the common programs that are known from the office or the home PC and easier transport. Often the sub-notebooks are equipped with screens the size of 8.4 to 12 inches and weigh less than a kilogram – but there are also designated as the subnotebook models on the market that have a smaller screen or well over a kilo of weight.

As the maximum weight for this category is in English publications frequently 4 pounds, so given around 1.8 kilograms. For comparison, normal notebooks come with 12 to 20 inch screens and therefore weigh more than 2 kilograms.

Keyboard with small subnotebooks

What is saved in weight must be missing somewhere: not only the screen, the keyboard is often small, often lack the internal optical drive, or is replaced by an external drive. In addition, usually a subnotebook has fewer connections than a normal notebook. Sub-notebooks are equipped with a full-fledged operating system, as we know it from the office PC. Looking at the current range of subnotebooks and it becomes clear: the effort to save weight, are set technical and physical limits. The more the designated device as the subnotebook approximates the performance of a normal laptop, the more it is usually about the one-kilogram limit.

Subnotebook: Unlike the PDA

Differentiation from a PDA or a handheld is quite simple and obvious: PDAs can plug into a jacket pocket, not even fit Subnotes there purely for XXL sizes. More difficult is the definition of the terms Ultra-portable and ultraportable, but in practice the two terms overlap.